Sleepy Hollow Episode (1×01) Review – “Pilot”

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Sleepy Hollow Title

FOX’s Sleepy Hollow Brings Washington Irving’s Classic Short Story to Television With an Exciting New Twist

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FOX’s Sleepy Hollow is a modern-day retelling of a popular story we all know very well. However while Ichabod Crane and the fearsome Headless Horseman have returned, this new story takes place 250 into the future. Ichabod awakes to discover he’s been transported to modern-day Sleepy Hollow in order to solve a mystery that dates back to the founding of our country. Ichabod’s task? Defeat the Headless Horseman who was resurrected alongside him and put a stop to the impending apocalypse. A strange in a “new” land, Ichabod finds an ally in Detective Mills, a woman with a mystery of her own and a fate that may be tied to Ichabod’s past. This new series is a fun ride for all, chock-full of chills, thrills, and a mystery that should intrigue history fans. If you love learning about history’s untold secrets, historical fiction, or anything featuring a headless character, than this is definitely the show for you! (More…)


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