The Blacklist Episode 1×01 Review – “Pilot”

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The Blacklist Title Card Large

“I’ve Got 99 Problems and a Bitch Ain’t One.”

All summer long we’ve been asked “Who is Red Reddington?” Tonight on The Blacklist we found out the answer to that question, or have we? Raymond “Red” Reddington aka “The Concierge of  Crime” is one BAMF, and suave to boot. In the opening he waltzes in and changes Elizabeth Keen’s life as well. Whether or not it’s for the better remains to be seen, but this cinematic, spell-binding thriller kept us glued to our seats and left us wanting more.

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My Secret Identity

Who is Red Reddington? Aside from being a spy who turned traitor and sold national secrets to the “enemy,” Reddington is a snake in the grass looking for his next meal. Or as he put it himself, he’s Capt. Ahab and alone can wrangle the big fish. Our introduction to Red begins with him talking to someone working for him outside FBI headquarters, and ends with him having meetings with the enemy right before the bad guy straps a little girl with a bomb. Not only that, but Reddington seems to have a very close connection to Keen. My first instinct is that he’s her long-lost father. That would explain why he’s so obsessed with Elizabeth. While part of me hopes the show goes in this direction, the other part is opening the writers are planning to go another way. (more…)


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