THE BLACKLIST Episode (1×04) Review – “The Stewmaker”

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The Blacklist Title Card Large THE BLACKLIST Episode (1×04) Review – “The Stewmaker”

The Blacklist Offers Up a Villain Worth Remembering in “The Stewmaker”

For the past four week’s Elizabeth Keen’s life has been turned upside down, and this week on The Blacklist things don’t get any better. Not only did one Liz’s first cases implode when drug lord Hector Lorca hired The Stewmaker to kill the lone witness in his case, but Liz herself ends up a victim of the “cleaner.” Luckily for our heroine, Liz doesn’t come to the same sticky end as the creeper’s other victims.

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“Your case is about to go sideways.” Tonight’s episode is about an old case Lizzie worked involving a drug lord named Hector Lorca. The government finally has enough evidence to bring him to trial, and Lizzie has to go testify. Before she does, a juror has a chemically induced heart attack allowing Lorca’s men to grab the witness and hand him off to The Stewmaker, a chemical expert, to disappear. As of today, Lorca has 109 victims that so far have never been found and we now know why. The Stewmaker chemically disposes of their bodies without a trace and loves to collect trophies, which will help the Feds “solve hundreds of unsolved mysteries.” While I thought The Stewmaker aka Stanley Cornish was one creepy villain, the drug lord story seems to have been done so many times that this episode didn’t seem fresh. As the show moved away from Lorca and began to focus more on The Stewmaker, the episode began to feel brand new. (More…)


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