The Blacklist Episode 1×05 – “The Courier” Review

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The Blacklist Review 775x435  The Blacklist Episode 1x05   The Courier Review

“The Courier” The middle man for criminals and knows the truth about Tom in The Blacklist.

NBC’s The Blacklist returned this week with an incredibly scary episode. In the episode Red and Liz were after a man called “The Courier, Who transported anything for money. And this weeks episode, the courier transported an M I T student named Seth Nelson for ransom and buried him alive with only an oxygen tank. On the personal front, Liz isn’t the only one doing an investigation. Tom finally discovered that Liz now knows who he really is. This week’s episode offered a lot of chills with a terrifying villain of the week, and developed Agent Ressler and Tom’s characters a lot more.

“Speak of the devil, it’s the devil.” Actor Robert Knepper guest starred in this week’s episode as the Courier, also known as “The UPS Driver of Crime, and makes Reddington’s list at number 85. Surprisingly the courier got caught by the FBI pretty early in the episode, and the majority of the time was spent trying to find Nelson before he ran out of oxygen. As important as Seth Nelson’s life is, the interesting part of the episode was about the courier himself. This was a man who was impervious to pain, and so he was a really gross villain, but it was also fascinating to see how many things were hidden inside his body which the agents used to track down Nelson and the couriers associates. (More…)


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