American Horror Story Episode (3×04) Review – “Fearful Pranks Ensue”

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American Horror Story Coven Initiation Poster 775x481 American Horror Story Episode (3x04) Review   Fearful Pranks Ensue

FX’s American Horror Story Gives New. Meaning to Tricks or Treats

This weeks episode of American Horror Story was filled with lots of big reveals and crazy twists. In the present day, Nan called the Council to report Madison’s disappearance. As the Council investigated the young witches’ disappearance, we learned more of Fiona ascendancy to Supreme via flashbacks. Compared to last weeks horrifyingly gross episode, this weeks episode “Fearful Pranks Ensue,” was mild by comparison. In fact though it was and information dump episode, it still managed to be highly entertaining.

“She would have made a lousy Supreme. And that is something this coven can’t afford to have at this moment.” As the episode go moves back and forth between 1971 and today we see what happened to Fiona after she killed her predecessor. In a shocking reveal viewers discover that it wasn’t Fiona who cut out Spaulding’s tongue. Actually, Spaulding had cut it himself so that he couldn’t be used against Fiona, a woman he has loved his entire life. We also got a glimpse at the few that has brewed between Fiona and Myrtle Snow for the past 40 years. While Spaulding’s feelings for Fiona weren’t that much of a shock, the way in which he insured his silence was majorly shocking, as was the revelation that he likes to play with dolls and have tea parties. Now that Spaulding has added Madison Montgomery’s corpse to his collection I wonder how long it will take for the members of the coven to smell her rotting body, and if this will end up coming back to slap Fiona in the face later on. (More…)


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