American Horror Story Episode (3×07) Review – “The Death”

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American Horror Story Coven Initiation Poster American Horror Story Episode (3×07) Review – “The Death”

An American Horror Story Witch Has Met a Grisly End

American Horror Story: Coven continues its tradition of the macabre and bizarre with “The Dead.” In the episode, Fiona begins a torrid affair with the Axeman while Madison figures out to live as an undead teen. Queenie has to sacrifice a new-found friend in order to feel like she belongs, and Zoe loses her innocence. As you can guess, “The Dead” is filled with people dying or returning from the dead, and it’s the choices people seem to make in life that decides how they meet their maker.

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“I would give everything I have, or ever have, just to feel hurt.” Frankenevan, Kyle, reminisces to his frat buddies getting tattoos, and notices that he has one of his friends’ arms. I guess he ended up with a tattoo after all. This is how the episode opens, and we continue to see Kyle struggle over who he used to be with who he is now. Madison’s back and trying to feel human again. She can’t feel pain or hunger, and just feels empty. So it’s no surprise as a young woman who used sex, drugs, and alcohol to cope with life would decide to try sex as a coping mechanism in undeath. Especially after the drugs, alcohol, and food binging did nothing to fill the empty void. In this episode the object of her affection is Kyle, much to Zoe’s chagrin. I love how Zoe wanted Kyle to remember what it’s like to be human, and yet she chained him to the floor like a dog. Madison, however, understands what Kyle is going through and used their shared experiences as zombies to get him in the sack. While I wasn’t surprised that Zoe would be pissed at catching Madison and Kyle in the act, I was in complete shock at how she channeled that anger. (More…)


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