Betrayal Episode (1×08) Review – “…One More Shot”

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Betrayal Episode 1x08 One More Shot Betrayal Episode (1x08) Review   ...One More Shot

ABC’s Betrayal Reminds Us That What Doesn’t Kill Us Will Make Us Stronger

Betrayal’s Sara and Jack are still facing the consequences of their actions in episode 108, “…One More Shot.” In this episode, Jack discovers just how separate he is from his family while attending the twin’s birthday dinner. As far as his kids are concerned, Jack is the bad guy, and they’re not sure if they want him in their lives. While he deals with this emotional blow, he is also desperately searching for a new job, and comes to realize that people want him for his strong-arming skills, and not his legal ones. Meanwhile, Sara is shocked to discover her son isn’t handling her desperation from Drew very well. As the two adulterers struggle with juggling the mess they’ve made in their family’s lives, T.J. Karsten deals with losing Brandi, and his father’s possible role in her death.

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“You killed a mother and now her kid is an orphan. From now on don’t do anything without me telling you.” Thatcher discovers that Zarek killed Brandi in a preemptive strike, and is livid. T.J. is destroyed over the death of the woman he loves, and Thatcher is worried about what will happen if his son were to discover Zarek’s role in Brandi’s death. Not only that, but if there were any legal problems to result from Brandi’s murder, the authorities wouldn’t believe that Zarek took matters into his own hands. Brandi may have been a prostitute, but she was also a nice young woman who truly cared for T.J. It’s really sad seeing what became of her. Especially now that it’s clear that Thatcher never wanted her harmed. Through a series of flashbacks that serve as a wrap-around story, we learn that Thatcher had a forbidden love affair with a young African-American jazz singer back in the day. The affair ended when Thatcher ended up killing a man to protect his lady love and scared her off. Thus, I guess, began his life of crime. At the end of the episode we discover that Thatcher used to check on his lady from time to time and watch her with her little girl. It’s never fully explained, but it’s inferred that the little girl may in fact be Thatcher’s daughter. It will be interesting if the show ends up having Thatcher’s illegitimate daughter pop up at a later date. (More…)


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