American Horror Story Review Episode (3×11) “Protecting the Coven”

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American Horror Story Review 775x435 American Horror Story Review Episode (3x11) Protecting the Coven

FX’s American Horror Story Has a Full Coven Once Again

As we wind down the third season of American Horror Story, viewers got a treat this week when two presumed dead members returned to the fold. The episode gave hints early on when the opening flashback to 1830 showed us when Mme. LaLaurie first arrived in New Orleans, and gave backstory on how her serial killing first began. It’s said most serial killers get their start by torturing and killing small animals, and it was the same for Delphine. As a wealthy married woman her bloodlust had been put on a shelf, but once she arrived in Louisiana, she discovered her “old friend” again. All it took was one slave getting injured, and Delphine’s blood lust was reignited.

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“That dirty hippie can kiss my ass.” In typical American Horror Story fashion, the show denigrated something sacred when they conducted Nan’s funeral in their own fashion. While the coven said their good-byes Queenie arrived with Delphine in tow on a dog leash. I don’t know what was more interesting. Watching Cordelia, Myrtle, Zoe and Kyle actually grieve while Madison looked bored and the Dynamic Duo (Marie and Fiona) snarked their way through the proceedings, or the irony of Delphine being forced into a studded dog collar. Honestly, I didn’t have much time to process what I was seeing because I was too thrilled at the fact that Queenie and Delphine were alive. Not only were these two back, but they came back full of sass. Delphine was pretty docile at the beginning, but her sassiness returned later on. Queenie, though, came out the gate full throttle. From giving Marie shade for leaving her for dead to remarking  on Zoe’s Dr. Frankenstein skills, Queenie was tired of being a pawn and let it be known from jump that she was no longer anyone’s bitch. (More…)


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