Arrow Review Episode (2×10) – “Blast Radius”

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Arrow Review 775x435 Arrow Review Episode 2x10 Blast Radius

Arrow’s Oliver Queen Battles a Green-Eyed Monster and a Would-Be Assassin in “Blast Radius”

Arrow isn’t just one of the best shows on the CW Network, but is quickly becoming one of the best on television. Period. The Green vigilante and his crew have returned to protecting Starling City from all those who would love to see it destroyed by crime, but their dynamics are quickly changing. Now that Felicity’s affections may have another target, Oliver’s green-eyed monster is amped up on steroids. Oliver, Felicity and Diggle’s bond needs to be stronger than ever now that Sebastian Blood is on the verge of taking over the city. With Oliver and other influential people behind him, Blood may end up being the next Mayor. Meanwhile, Oliver isn’t the only one with secrets that keep being revealed. Roy’s new-found strength hasn’t gone unnoticed by Thea, and it’s just a matter of time before Thea gets hip to her brother’s nightly activities.

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“I don’t know why Cyrus killed your father’s partner that day, all I know is he took a very frightened boy and helped him talk again.” Sebastian Blood is charismatic, well-spoken and attractive, but his charms haven’t been enough to squelch Laurel’s investigative instincts. Finally, Laurel Lance is being useful. After several dates, Laurel finds Sebastian strange and has looked into his background. Not only does she uncover Blood’s relationship with Cyrus Gold, but discovers his mother is really alive and possibly forcibly institutionalized in a mental institution. Blood’s mother issues a chilling warning to Laurel, “Don’t trust what he says. You can’t trust Sebastian Blood,” may end up unmasking Sebastian as a villain, but will most likely make Laurel a damsel in distress. While I believe Laurel is getting in way over her head, I also find her investigation to be a welcome addition to the second half of the season. More importantly, now that Quentin has asked the Arrow to investigate the police, I have a feeling the Man and Green and Laurel will be partnering up very soon. (More…)


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