The Blacklist Review Episode (1×11) – “The Good Samaritan Killer”

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The Blacklist Review 775x435 The Blacklist Review Episode 1x11 The Good Samaritan Killer

The Blacklist’s Cat and Mouse Game Changes Now Reddington Is Back to Being One of the FBI’s Most Wanted

NBC’s The Blacklist returns with a vengeance, but this time the tables have turned. Raymond “Red” Reddington is no longer in FBI custody, and has now resumed his place on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, but this time things are different. Despite Red being ‘in the wind,’ he’s still willing to help Elizabeth Keen cross criminals off the Blacklist and in turn wants to help ferret out the FBI’s mole problem. Red’s tactics may not always be legal, but they do produce results.  As Johnny Cash’s “When the Man Comes Around” blared in the background, Red knocked on doors, kicked ass, and took names, and in the end he found what he was looking for – Who paid Apple Man to spy on Liz and the FBI. While Red is conducting his investigation, the FBI  conducted one of their own, and had their hands full with Blacklister #106, “The Good Samaritan.”

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“One more body isn’t going to make a difference.” This week’s Blacklister, “The Good Samaritan,” was different from one’s we’ve seen before. Victor was kidnapping, torturing and killing people who had a history of abusing loved ones. As a victim of abuse himself, Victor wanted these people to suffer the same abuses they’d previously afflicted on others. This seemed like a new twist on the criminals that the FBI has hunted down in the first half of the season, and Frank Whaley was creepy to the nth degree as nurse turned serial killer. In fact, it was Whaley’s performance that made things confusing. The Good Samaritan’s victims were despicable people and considering all the anti-heroes on television that audiences loved to root for, Whaley’s portrayal of a vigilante avenging these abusers’ victims was so crazy good that neither The Good Samaritan or his victims garnered sympathy. None was right, and all were wrong. Bravo! (More…)


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