Being Human Episode (4×06) Review – “Cheater of the Pack”

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“Tore Up From the Floor Up” in Being Human

The four roomies have struggled with Being Human since they became supernatural. Out of the four, Josh and Nora seem to be the ones who’ve managed their situations the best. Until now. Josh’s wolf has completely taken over and if he doesn’t regain control he’ll lose everything he cares about. Sally’s always had difficulty accepting her circumstances, and let’s face it, wouldn’t you? Watching people live the life you used to. Seeing your loved ones struggle with your death. Watching the world you used to be a part of passing you by. Lost dreams, death, and bad decisions are even hard for the living, but at least we get the chance to try to make things right. A chance Sally will never have. Aidan has had over 200 years to figure things out, but it’s only been in the past few years that he’s tried to regain his humanity. Being young, handsome, and immortal is a perk many wouldn’t refuse. But think of who you were in your twenties, or even now. Can you imagine never-changing? Never growing up or dealing with consequences from your actions? Even though Aidan has had the time to get his affairs in order, becoming a vampire has essentially stunted his growth in a way. Now that the world has changed around him, and his conscious has become too much to bear, Aidan’s desire to become a better man is what drives him. Unfortunately, like an alcoholic Aidan has trouble staying on the wagon, and when he falls off, someone dies. (More…)


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