Black Sails Episode (1×02) Review – “II”

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Starz’ Black Sails Kicks It Into High Gear This Week With “II”

Last week may have been a bit slow due to much-needed character development, but Black Sails more than made up for it this week with “II.” While Flint and his men continued the race to find the sheet missing from the captain’s log, Capt. Vane caught wind of the fabled treasure and decided to get into the game. Meanwhile, Eleanor Guthrie continued with her plans to turn New Providence into a prosperous city, but her ambition caused a rift in her relationship with Max. “II” continued to give insight into the complicated lives of these characters while showing how easily loyalties can shift with the Island breeze.

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“When my father lived here people just fucked in tents. Threw shit everywhere. I wonder if he noticed everyone living like animals, or if he just didn’t care.” Despite all the good Eleanor has done to make New Providence profitable, she still remains and her father’s shadow. While her father lives it up in the lap of luxury, Eleanor has been The one overseeing Richard’s day-to-day business. Thanks to her the inhabitants of New Providence now live in an orderly society. One of the things Eleanor has done is to solidify her business relationship with Capt. Flint. Many of the Pirates may feel that Flint’s heyday is over and that Capt. Vane is the new star but Eleanor remains his staunch supporter. In “II,” Capt. Vane and Eleanor butt heads because he discovers Rackham’s bid to buy the missing Capt.’s log page that contains the shipping schedule for the fabled treasure aboard the Spanish Galleon. While we don’t know the exact details of Vane and Eleanor’s failed romance, there’s obviously a lot of hurt that remains on both sides. Vane struggles between acting fiercely towards Eleanor like he would act towards anyone else, and showing the soft side only she seemed privy to during their courtship. Mistrust, anger, and hurt causes Eleanor to side with Flint even to the detriment of her love affair with Max. (More…)


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