Arrow Episode (2×15) Review – “The Promise”

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Oliver Discovers He and Slade Have Irreconcilable Differences in This Weeks Arrow

Ever since it was first revealed that Oliver’s friend Slade Wilson was alive and well in Starling City, we have waited for the show to reveal how Slade went from being Ollie’s friend to his worst enemy. All season long, Arrow has unraveled this mystery and it’s been a joy to watch. Slade was always an interesting character, but now that the writers have taken their time transitioning him from the Slade we first met on the island back in season 1, Deathstroke isn’t just your cookie cutter villain. Now he’s a guy with motive to hurt Oliver no matter how misguided it may be. Both men have lost a lot in their lives. Whether it be people they’ve loved or all the years they spent on the island that they’ll never get back. They’ve both lost things precious to them, but it’s the way they each handled these losses that define each of them. Oliver turned his vengeance into a plan to save his hometown from crime, while Slade has let anger and vengeance consume him and in the process lost his humanity. In essence, Slade is Oliver’s shadow self- who Oliver could have been if he had kept on the revenge path he started on last season. Not only that, but Slade stands up as a warning to Roy of who the teen could become if he doesn’t learn to control the madness the Mirakuru breeds. “The Promise” gave us a look at the dark side of power and how easily it can corrupt. It was dark, painful, and at times disturbing. So let’s jump in and discuss it, shall we? (More…)


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