Being Human Episode (4×08) Review – “Rewind, Rewind”

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This Week Being Human Different Choices, “Time After Time”

As SyFy’s Being Human draws to a close, we get a look at what life would have been like if the roommates made different choices. When we left off last week, Sally found herself back in the house mere moments before she died, but this time things turned out differently. Using the knowledge she has from her own time, Sally tried to correct the wrongs of the past, but found out the hard way that some things never change. Funny and heartwarming, this episode was a dream, because we finally got the chance to see what life would be like for the gang if Sally hadn’t died in their home. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to dive in and talk about episode 408, “Rewind, Rewind.”

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Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick, And think of you… After Sally discovers she’s traveled back into time to the very moment she died, Sally used the knowledge she now has to jump into her own body and knee Danny in the balls. Sally may have escaped dying at the hands of the man who claimed to love her, but her meddling had other ramifications. In her stead, Sally’s childhood BFF, Bridget, ended up later dying at Danny’s hands after she and Danny hooked up. This twist was interesting, but not that unexpected considering what happened in the original timeline. What was neat was how Bridget took Sally to the hospital after Sally survived her fight with Danny on the stairs, allowing her to meet Nora and Aidan for the “first” time. What made this so cool was it solidified the theory that these four people were destined to be in each other’s lives, and that though Sally was tampering with events this is one she couldn’t change. (More…)


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