Being Human Episode (4×10) Review – “Oh Don’t You Die For Me”

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Fans Get The Moment They’ve Been Waiting For, But With a Being Human Twist

As the end of SyFy’s Being Human looms near all of the loose ends are beginning to be tied up. Josh’s struggle with his wolf has always separated him from other werewolves, and now that he’s come to accept who and what he is, Josh has seemingly lost the one person who matters the most. Both Sally and Aidan have struggled with holding on to their humanity as they both have had trouble navigating the thin line between acceptance and denial. The one thing that’s always remained constant in their lives is the unconditional love and strong bond they’ve always shared. Now that Sally has experienced the possibility of something more, tension threatens to either tear them apart or commence the next phase in their relationship. In episode 410, all of the roomies had difficult choices to make. Some may have paid off, while others may have lasting consequences we may never get to see. So join us as we dissect “Oh Don’t you Die For Me.”

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“What are we doing here? You dusted the majority of their patrons. It just may be wise to keep a low profile.” Aidan is still trying to live up to Suzanna’s ideal version of him, but once he discovers her plans to make him atone for murdering that girl from a few episodes back by killing Kenny, Aidan is put between a rock and a hard place. Aidan spent the majority of the episode struggling with the task, and nearly kills Kenny, but Sally comes to the rescue and talks some sense to the man. Aidan and Suzanna have been separated for hundreds of years, and honestly it’s been hard to understand why Aidan was as enamored with her as he appeared to be. Suzanna isn’t the person we’ve seen from the flashbacks. This immortal life has changed her, and her guilt over killing their son Isaac is something she’d never let go. Kenny, on the other hand, is Aidan’s son, and has filled the hole in his heart that losing Isaac left behind. When Sally told Aidan that Suzanna doesn’t really love him completely because her love comes with conditions Aidan is incapable of ever meeting, it was a bitter cup of truth tea, but Aidan needed to sip it. Everything she said about the situation was correct, and if Aidan wasn’t so preoccupied he may have noticed how much Sally loves him. As interesting as it’s been watching Aidan reconnect with his wife, Suzanna had definitely outlived her place in the show, and there was major cheering going on when Aidan chose his child over his wife. (More…)


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