Black Sails Episode (1×06) Review – “VI”

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Man Overboard! in this episode of Black Sails

After last week’s less than stellar episode, this week’s episode of Black Sails was definitely better. Not only did we see pirates doing more piratey things, but we also delved deeper into the various intrigues that run throughout the show. It was these intrigues, manipulations, and revelations that made “VI” worthwhile. Last week, Mr. Scott found himself aboard a slaver after Richard Guthrie stabbed Scott in the back for Scott’s lack of loyalty towards him. Capt. Vane had set sail for parts unknown leaving Anne to look after Max and protect her from Mr. Hammond. Eleanor was locked away in her bar trying to make a deal with the pirate captains to maintain control of the island, only to be forced into a decision. Lift the ban she placed against Vane or get ravaged by the rowdy pirates at her door. While “VI” was more interesting than last week’s episode, it’s starting to become apparent that the show’s MacGuffin won’t be obtained this season at the pace the episodes are going. In spite of all this, let’s go ahead and discuss this week’s episode.

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“A happy life can often be a dangerous thing.” One of the bad things about taking the Andromache for Flint turned out to be Billy discovering a letter Mrs. Barlow wrote to the ship’s captain explaining how Richard Guthrie was going to make inquiries on Flint’s behalf for position in Boston society. While Flint was busy trying to figure out what to do about Billy (knock him overboard), Mrs. Barlow was screwing the preacher. I think it’s already been established that Miranda is a tramp who cheated on her husband with his best friend, and now that she’s slept with this supposed man of god, no one should have been surprised. But I was. With all of her and Flint’s plans, I find it hard to believe Miranda cheated on him for kicks and giggles. Unless she believes Flint won’t care. If she’s wrong, Barlow runs the risk of being left behind or worse. She should know better than anyone how quick Flint is to dispatch with those who stand in his way. (More…)


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