Da Vinci’s Demons Episode (2×02) Review – “The Blood of Brothers”

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Da Vinci's Demons Season 2 - Field Margam

Leonardo Became an Honorary Medici This Week on Da Vinci’s Demons

Last week Da Vinci’s Demons returned for its second season with an action-packed premiere. All of our favorites found themselves in dire straits, and it wasn’t until this week that we learned their fates. Since the first five minutes of the episode showed a healthy and much alive (for the most part) Da Vinci and Riario, it was obvious Leo would survive the harrowing blood transfusion he underwent to save Lorenzo’s life. He did, of course, and so did Lorenzo. Aside from these two frenemies, Zoroaster and Lucrezia also found themselves in great peril, only to be revealed that they, too, survived walking the plank. Though our friends all made it through the premiere in tact, it doesn’t mean they’ll all survive to the end of the season.

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This week’s episode, “The Blood of Brothers,” focused on the relationships of the characters, most notably that of Leonardo and Lorenzo. Now that Giulino has been murdered, these two men discover they two have the same blood flowing through their veins. Leonardo isn’t the only one to be adopted into the Medici family. Following Vanessa’s reveal that she’s caring Giulino’s child, the Medici’s extended their generosity by making Vanessa a part of the family and giving her a new posh home for her and her child. Now the cage Giulino dreamed of escaping has become her own. While some familial bonds were strengthened, others were weakened. Riario has been working Nico’s mind by trying to get the youth to doubt his importance to Da Vinci, Zoroaster wants to cut ties after he helps free Nico from Riario’s grasp, and Lucrezia realizes she needs to step aside if she and Leo will ever obtain their goals. These people desire to be free of situations that threaten their plans, but as this series has proven, nothing ever works out the way the characters hope. Let’s discuss the episode, shall we? (More…)


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