Game of Thrones Episode (4×06) Review – “The Laws of Gods and Men”

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“It’s All About the Benjamins” In This Week Game of Thrones

This week’s Game of Thrones season 4 entry wasn’t the most exciting of the bunch. Stannis and Davos went begging at the Iron Bank so they could afford to continue their campaign for the Iron Throne. If Melissandre is as powerful as she claims, why can’t she make them money? Hell, Jesus managed to turn water into wine! What can this chick do beside burn folks at the stake and birth a smoke monster? Who’s she kidding? She borrowed Smoke from the island from Lost. Now that Drogon is feeding himself, the Meereenese are up and arms over their lost livestock. Dany already has 99 problems, and that b*tch shouldn’t be one. Yara arrived at the Dreadfort to rescue her little bro, but Theon Reek has come down with a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome. Speaking of which, can it still be called Stockholm Syndrome if Theon’s in Westeros? Lastly, Tyrion’s trial began, and while the best part had to be him giving the court the finger with one of the best rants known to man, the rest of the kangaroo court was too painful to watch. Now you’re all good and caught up, let’s dissect the episode!

Wanna be ballers? Shot-callers?…Making good on his promise to contact the Iron Bank of Braavos for a loan, Davos took Stannis, hat in hand, to beg funds to continue their quest for the Iron Throne. While the opening moments when head banker Tychos Nestoris acted like he didn’t know which one of the men was Stannis Baratheon were highly amusing, but the remainder of the scene was a big snoozefest. In the books the Iron Bank becomes very important, but watching people haggle over finance doesn’t exactly get my heart racing. How about you? I’ll wager a guess and say, “No”. What did we learn? Davos managed to get Stannis the money by reminding the banker that turning away the “true” king based on false loyalty to the Lannisters was faulty thinking. Tywin isn’t going to live forever, and the way his family is out for each other’s throats, their relationship with the Lannisters will probably die with him. (Cont…)


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