Game of Thrones Episode (4×10) Review – “The Children”

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Dead Men Can’t Hear

HBO’s Game of Thrones tied up many loose ends and still managed to open new ones as the series wrapped up its season 4 finale. Stannis Baratheon marched on the Wall and interrupted Jon’s meeting with Mance Rayder. Cersei threw her incestuous relationship with Jaime in Tywin’s face (Happy Father’s Day!), while her brother Tyrion shot an arrow in dear old dad’s gut. Dany learned the price of freedom when she allowed a former slave to return to his master, and decided to imprison her “children” upon learning that Drogon killed a 3 year-old child. Bran and Co. finally met the 3-Eyed Crow, but lost Jojen along the way. Meanwhile, Arya and the Hound parted ways. Lot’s happened in episode 4×10. So let’s not waste any time and get down to business by discussing “The Children.”

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“In all the ways I’d kill you, poison would be the last.”

Jon Snow marched to possible death last week when he decided to go over the Wall and broker a peace treaty with Mance Rayder. This week the two men do just that, but before Jon could take the terms back to the Night’s Watch, Stannis Baratheon marches on the Wall. This story was basically a blip, but we did get to see a glimpse of what’s going to be happening on the Wall next season, and watch Jon say good-bye to Ygritte one final time. Having read the books I have an idea where this is going, but the manner in which the series strayed from the books this season leaves me questioning how true that belief actually is. One thing’s for sure, the way in which Melisandre was staring at Jon can’t be good! (Cont…)


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