Article: So You Want to Know About Travelers Notebooks? (Introduction)

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I’ve been asked by many people about my traveler’s notebooks, how I use them, and why I’m so addicted to them. So over the next several weeks, I’m going to discuss just that. I’ve been a planner girl since my junior year in high school when I purchased my very first Franklin Covey planner. With the heavy work load, I had that year, planning allowed my to see how much time I really had to get things done. This was important for me as I’m a huge procrastinator. I can plan out something for years before I actually do it. I thank my best friend for teaching me how to plan because it saved my life once I got to college. Over the years I’ve owned Franklin Covey, Filofax, Kikki K, and Erin Condren planners, but by far traveler’s notebooks are my favorite way to plan, and here’s why.

1.) Customization

Unlike many other planners, travelers notebooks offer the kind of customization that ring bound planners provide, but without the rings. A traveler’s notebook is just a piece of material with elastic bands on the inside that allow you to slip in individual notebooks. You can put in whatever you want, based on what you intend to use the notebook for. For me, I like to plan and journal in mine. I also like to plan my budget, sketch, write book notes, and track my needlework progress. Some people meal plan, others use it for worship. It doesn’t matter what you use it for. The idea is to use it to jot down things that are important to you, so you don’t have notes on post-its all over the house or scribbles in several different notebooks.

2.) Affordability

Traveler’s notebooks range in price depending on what material it’s made of. Obviously, fabric and synthetics are cheaper than leather. Another thing to consider is that the price of leather notebooks depends on the level of customization you want. Some companies let you custom order your notebook. From the color and type of leather to they color of elastic, stitching, embossing, design, etc. Others will sell you notebooks with few to no options outside of the colors they have to offer.

3.) Accessories

With traveler’s notebooks, the sky’s the limit when it comes to outfitting your new companion. Whether you want to be professional or go all out, there are accessories out there to make your TN work best for you. I personally like decoration on my planners. Whether it’s bling, custom dashboards, flash charms or pens. My TN is my friend that goes with me where ever I go, and I want it to reflect my personality. If I worked in a corporate setting, I’m sure I’d find a way to let my style shine through, even if it was only done covertly.

I can go on and on about this topic, but I won’t. At least not today 🙂 Tune in next week as I break down the various ways you can customize your notebook. From the kind of inserts you can find to the type of things you can order on your notebook. I’ll delve in by providing information about companies I’ve ordered from, and others that have rave reviews around the planner community. No matter what you may be interested in using your notebook for, there’s a way to get it to work its best for you. See you next week!


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