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Last week I discussed why I’ve fallen in love with traveler’s notebooks as my way to plan. This week I plan to inform you about all the different types there are, and where you can look to find one to fit your lifestyle. For many people, the kind of TN they get comes down to affordability, and others make the decision based on their principles. As stated in the last article, TNs come in many different fabrics and materials. You can buy them in fabric, plastic, PVC, and leather. You can buy one that’s bare bones (i.e. material and string), or one with all the bells and whistles (pen loop, stitching, pockets, etc.) Of course, what extras you get depend on the type of material you choose to buy.

Fabric TNs are the cheapest and can start at about $15. With fabric, you can choose your pattern, your size, and then whether or not you want a pen loop or pockets. Some companies even let you pick your elastic and stitching colors. Plastic and PVC TNs are harder to find, but they are out there. So if you’re a vegan or someone who stays away from leather, you have several options to choose from. My favorite material is leather. I love the smell, I love the feel and look, I love the way it wears and molds around my inserts. It goes without saying that leather is the most expensive option, and the more add-ons and customization you order, the more expensive it becomes. Depending on where you look, you can spend anywhere from $15 to well over $100 for a leather notebook.

Another factor to consider is what size you want. The bigger you get, the more expensive it’ll be. Now that shouldn’t be the main factor when choosing a traveler’s notebook. Before you decide you should figure out what you plan to use it for, and pick your size accordingly. This way, you can make sure you buy the size that fits your needs. I personally have every size but passport, personal, and A5. I love all my TNs, in every size, and find it difficult to pick just one size. If you were to ask me my favorite size, though, I’d probably say B6 slim (11 x 7.5). Something about it makes it the perfect size for everything I use mine for. However, I’m currently using a Chic Sparrow pocket plus (10.5 x 6) and loving it. It really depends on my mood.

As you can see, there are traveler’s notebooks for any budget and taste. One of my favorite features about them is you can make then inside whatever you want it to be. My current set up has a yearly calendar, daily planner, journal, brain dump notebook, and an online ordering tracker. At other times I’ve has notebooks for sketching, tracking my knitting and reading, I’ve even had books I used for bullet journaling. The sky’s the limit! Next week, I will discuss the many ways you can customize your notebooks, and the companies I’ve bought from. Until next time…


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